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In 2015, LISC created the North Mass FOCUS District.  FOCUS is designed to bolster economic opportunity in Indianapolis’s urban neighborhoods. Developed by LISC in partnership with the Indy Chamber, the City of Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood Development, FOCUS’s goal is to build long-lasting relationships that connect neighborhoods with businesses and other resources in a way that helps drive and support neighborhood revitalization. LISC’s FOCUS program has triggered tremendous community benefit over the last ten years, becoming one of the most effective and long-standing neighborhood commercial revitalization programs in the country.  Riley Area Development Corporation implements the LISC FOCUS Program in the North Mass District. 

North MAss FOCUS Progress Reporting 

What to know what is happening? 

How fast is change happening in North Mass?

Check out the latest LISC FOCUS Quarterly Reports:

1st Quarter 2018


4th Quater 2017



Help Wanted

Host and event or share an idea.  We want your input as we guide investments in the area. 

help needed

Share a job opening or labor need with us.  We are looking to connect workforce development to small businesses in North Mass