Urban Manufacturing is Inclusive, Equitable,

and a Critical Part of a City's and Neighborhood's Economy


Our Vision is that North Mass will be a leading example of how to transform a struggling urban industrial district into a unique and desirable center of making and manufacturing.

We focus on retaining and enhancing existing businesses, while marketing the benefits of this location to others. We focus on improving key aspects of the corridor,  such as infrastructure and property conditions, making the district more desirable to new businesses and start-ups through the RUCKUS Makerspace. At the same time, we work to improve workers’ and residents’ quality of life, emphasizing connectivity, collaboration, inclusiveness, and equity. 


Read Indy's new report released on January 18, 2018 by LISC on inclusive growth...


More than just job creation.


In 2014-2015, the Indianapolis Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) commissioned a study to determine the most promising uses for properties along industrial corridors. The goal of the study was to assess the Indy region’s strongest economic clusters, identifying those that show the greatest potential to support economic growth, workforce opportunity, and urban redevelopment.

Since then, several other studies and initiatives have further defined opportunities in the Indianapolis economy, which can be leveraged in the North Mass district. These studies include Plan 2020, the Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis by the Department of Metropolitan Development; Metro Indianapolis Export Plan by the Indy Chamber; Marion County Anchor Institution Study by Greenstreet Ltd.; and the Indianapolis region’sComprehensive Economic Development Strategy by the Indy Chamber.

Based on reviews of these studies, the North Mass district includes the three key industry clusters. Business to Business (B2B), Food Manufacturing, and Technology.   The North Mass study also outlines key equitable and inclusive strategies around start-ups and makers, local workforce, and recruiting businesses that have upward mobility. Upward mobility is a system of ladders for employees to adavence with on the job experience and entry points that have a variety of educational levels.  

The North Mass plan supports diverse, inclusive, and equitable economic development in a 500 acre area. 


Expand Existing Businesses

Grow the base

Create a network amongst the 75 existing businesses in North Mass. Lead community bulding efforts to reduce crime, develop a brand for the area, and promote North Mass to the greater Indianapolis and Central Indiana Commnuity.   Provide information on available real estate, zoning, workforce development, and grant opportunities to existing business owners.  


Connect to the Local Workforce

create relationships

Establish connections to exsiting community job training resources in the nearby Martindale Brightwood community and the IndyEast Promise Zone.   Explore new training and placement programs with EmployIndy and LISC to provide jobs to local unemployed and under-employed residents.

Centerpoint Brewing 

Centerpoint Brewing 

Attract New Businesses

Welcome the next generation: new artists, makers, artisians, manufacturers

Promote and work with new start-ups and entreprenuers seeking to launch product based businesses. Create relationships to understand challenges faced by start-ups from outdated zoning regulations, code enforcement, lack of capital, and lack of an entrepreneurship network amoungst non-tech start-ups. 

RUCKUS Makerspace

RUCKUS Makerspace

Start-Up Makerspace

RUCKUS Makerspace

Promote and support an equitable makerspace model that eliminates barriers for women, miniorities, and low to moderate income residents.  Connect makerspace technical resources with other North Mass businesses to help adavnce other ideas in the community. 

North Mass


Since 2005, Indianapolis has lost over 20,000 manufacutring jobs mostly in Center Township. Many of the these job losses are from the closure of large facilities like the GM Stamping Plant, RCA/Thompson Consumer Electronics, Chrysler, Navistar, Carrier and most recently Rexonard.  These closures create a rippled effect on many local small business that supported these larger manufacturers with machines, sub-assembly products, and services.    

Many other small manufactures are relocating to newer green field industrial parks attracted by the benefits of land, lower taxes, low crime, expedited permitting, compatabile zoning, truck access, new road and utlity infrastructure, new plant facitilies and sense of place in these suburban communities.. 

The North Mass district is 500 acres along Mass Avenue and I-70 from downtown northeast to Sherman Drive. This area is one of several startegic industrial nodes in the City of Indianapolis where key infrastructure is in place supporting existing business expansion and new business development focusing on B2B, products, startups and the artisian/maker movement through the RUCKUS Makerspace. 

Lead by Riley Area Development Corporation and funded by LISC and the City of Indianapolis, we advocate for local, state, and federal resources working together with over 75 small businesses and small scale manufacturers in North Mass.

Incentives are available on a compeitive and ongoing basis: 

Facade Grants from LISC

Capital Improvment Program Grants for the City of Indianapolis HUD CDBG Program 

Technical Assistance from the SBA, SCORE, the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) and BOI. 

Incentivized Lending Programs and Project Support from the IndyEast Promise Zone and the Build Fund

Development Strategies unique to business growth including permitting assistance and tax incentives through Develop Indy

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View the entire plan 2015 Mass Avenue Industrial Corridor (North Mass) Plan below:


The Recast City 2014 report on the Maker Community in Indianapolis (2014)


The ULI Daniel Rose Mass Avenue Corridor Plan (2014-2015)

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Smart Growth America's 2017 - Neighborhood Small Scale Manufacturing Study